How To Rank A Video On YouTube

How To Rank A Video On YouTube

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Easily Rank a Video on YouTube with Some Tips and Tricks

YouTube is a popular platform for Earning, Marketing, and Branding. Millions of people earn money with youtube partner programme. Millions of business promote Products, Services, and Branding videos on youtube.


Remember five Things When You Upload Videos on YouTube

#1 Video Title

Write your video title should be easy to find for users and YouTube search engine. focus on long tail keywords, not long headlines. Since users don’t search queries in 20-50 words. search only 4-8 keywords on YouTube.

#2 Description

Description are the most important part of a video rank on YouTube. During the user query, YouTube Search Engine also reads video decryption and title. Enter the description in the videos such us meta description on Google.

#3. Tags

Tags in youtube it’s like this, You are telling the youtube search engine which topic you made the video.

#4. Thumbnail

Thumbnail is the best way to encourage the user to click on videos. Because of millions of YouTube users attract with thumbnail.

#5. Subtitles or CC (Creative Commons Content)

Subtitles or CC, It’s used to make your videos useful for some users who not understand your language.

Tricks to Rank YouTube Videos

#1. Change videos tags every week.

If your video not rank on Youtube you can change videos tags every week. Changing the tags mean that’s your video will appear on those keywords inserted in tags.

#2. Find titles in Google Search Engine.

Go to Google Search and type keyword the video you created and scroll down see search related queries.

#3.  Share Videos on social media platforms and social Groups (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit )

Share your video content on Dofollow social media sites.

#4. Embed Videos in websites with Content.

If you do blogging, Embed your videos on the blog.

#5. Use Endscreen & Annotations.

Endscreen & Annotations is the best way to transfer traffic video to video.

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